AmericanSlovenianClub of FairportHarbor

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Fairport Harbor American Slovenian Club


OPEN Tuesday thru Friday 5pm to 11pm and Saturday & Sunday 3pm to 11pm

617  Third Street Fairport Harbor Ohio 44077

When we have our "Annual board meeting",  before accepting Nominations Please keep in mind and think about these things: Before accepting your Nominations Please consider how  involved you really want to be. Keeping in mind the dedication it takes to want to make  our club prosper, and continue to want the club to succeed. Bring fresh ideas of events, be willing to be active and help out for all functions, and to keep our club and all that it stands for a positive foundation of family and friends who are supportive and thrive on it's success.

Planning an event? Please submit your request in writing 60 days in advance to present to the board. Please hand in at 617  Third Street Fairport Harbor, Ohio 44077. Email info to email below or to President or Club Manager above. Thank You In Advance!