AmericanSlovenianClub of FairportHarbor

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Please print form and Mail or Drop of to:

 American-Slovenian Club, 617 Third Street, Fairport Harbor, OH 44077

The Club is open weekdays Tuesday - Friday from 5p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
and weekends from 3:00p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


2016 Membership Renewal Dues

The Board established the 2015 Membership Renewal Dues for individuals as follows:


$20.00 for each Member that is age 62 or older in 2014;


$25.00 for other Members;


$5.00 penalty for renewing after January 31, 2016.



$10.00 for Slovenian Heritage Members who live outside the local area.

*** There is a ONE TIME $25.00 membership fee per  person for all New Memberships.


You can become part of the fun by joining the Slovenian Club. There are three classes of membership. They are described below. Decide which you are eligible for - as far as activity there is no difference between regular and social members. Print out the page Application Form below, or stop by the Club Room and pick one up. Complete the form and drop it off at the Club or mail it in.

 **Please click on the Yellow Membership form button on the Left column (above the membership form picture) to PRINT OUT.

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP - Men and women are eligible. If you are 21 years of age, of Slovenian decent or married to a Slovenian, and can verify it, you are eligible to become a Regular Member upon the approval of the Board of Directors, payment of an initiation fee plus dues . Initiation fee currently is $25.00 and dues $30.00  $20.00 for member/spouse 62 or older.

SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP - Individuals, male or female, 21 years of age, that are not blessed with a Slovenian Heritage, are welcome to join the Club as Social members. Print out and complete, the application form below - or stop by the Club and pick one up. Upon approval of your application form by the Board of Directors and payment of the initiation fee  $25.00, and dues $25.00, you will be given a key card that permits you to participate in all activities of the Club. . $20.00 for member/spouse 62 or older.

HERITAGE MEMBERSHIP - If you are of Slovenian decent, 21 years of age, but can't visit the Club regularly and want to help promote and preserve our Slovenian heritage, you can apply for Heritage Membership. The initiation fee is waived and dues currently are only $10.00. This class of membership is designed to give Slovenians an affordable opportunity to be part of an organization dedicated to preserving our Slovenian culture. A Heritage Membership limits such members to visit the Club 12 times in a year.